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Some love these coming weeks (recommendations)

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

For those of you living in cold winter regions (like me in the Midwest), these next few months could impact you a bit more than our friends in the sun-loving south or other less cloudy regions.

Wherever this message happens to find you, here are some simple suggestions for a healthy winter.

I get no kickback from any of these. These are just things I like. Enjoy!

Vitamin D3: as more research surfaces regarding D3 and immune health and resilience, you might consider a high quality vitamin D to take this year. I like this one and this one. This can be part of an overall winter nutrition, vitamin, and herbal plan.

Medicinal Mushroom blend: The mushroom world opens incredible doors for healing and health for individuals as well as ecological health as a whole. Again, for an immune boost, check out this mushroom blend. You only need a tiny bit (this will last you a loooong time) and can be added to oatmeal, chia pudding, coffee, etc. If you are not familiar with the amazing work of mycologist, Paul Stamets and could use a dose of wonder, you might check out the documentary, Fantastic Fungi.

Poetry: If you enjoy poetry (or would like to) and have not heard of Tony Hoagland, I suggest checking out Application for Release from the Dream. Here’s part of the description: “With whiplash nerve and tender curiosity, Hoagland surveys the damage and finds the wonder that makes living worthwhile.” Relevant, yes? I really love this collection of poems. Some will make you laugh and, like a lot of great poetry, some will elicit a deep stillness or tenderness of heart in being confronted by a truth.

Psychology: If you have an interest in psychology or your own inner life, you might enjoy this introductory book on IFS therapy. If you are working on differentiating the different sides of you in our sessions and respond well to visuals, you might check out these cool InnerActive cards. I can further guide you in how to use these in a session.

Movement: There are more movement apps that I can nearly keep track of. However if you’re looking for something fresh that you can do indoors and appreciate a plan or guidance, check out: fitOn, Adidas Runtastic, and Glo.

I’m keeping it light today. I hope you find something sweet in here for you.

You can reach me here for inquiries/scheduling consults.

Be well!

Love, Laura

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