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What to do when the food, supplement, or super-herb doesn’t work

In your effort to lose weight, stop binge eating, start eating more whole foods, or get your eating habits in order, have you found yourself….

Steeped in internet research for an answer late into the evening?

Intently talking to the guy working at the health food store about the new supplement you read about on your Facebook feed?

Picking up the latest book on nutrition and diet with a strong sense of determination?

Paying extra close attention to the women in your world who seem to have it all together nutritionally?

You feel a linear energy course through your body and you’re ready.

You’re ready to get to the bottom of this.

Like a good and responsible student, you’ve done all your research.

You learn that your adrenals may be exhausted. You learn that grains may be causing your fatigue or your cravings. You hear that probiotics will heal your gut. Or that omega fatty acids can balance your nervous system. Or that cutting out dairy will help you lose weight.

So you try something.

You try lots of things.

(And hey, maybe you DO eat more essential fatty acids and your nervous system relaxes. Woohoo!)

But then there’s that one eating challenge that seems to linger. And, at best, you make a tiny dent of improvement on it through your diligence…

What gives?!

If you’ve been working on this challenge for months or years, I want to offer you another perspective (that may feel like it’s from outta left field…) But hear me out!

When a new dietary strategy, supplement, amino acid, or super-herb does not work to heal your eating challenge…

Consider that…