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1-Day Eating Psychology Retreat (Jan 2023)

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Many people try to fix their food and body challenges using nutrition/diet. When nutrition is the right intervention, it really does work. But often the root of the eating challenges people find themselves facing lies in psychology … the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that influence or limit us...

On Saturday, January 7th, Laura will be offering her day-long eating psychology workshop online (Zoom). Generally, this workshop will be a good fit if you tend to find yourself experiencing a split with your eating or attitude toward eating, meaning you might go through periods of dietary restriction followed by periods of dietary "indulgence" or "rebellion" and want to learn how to transform this pattern or feel drawn to learning the deeper dimensions of nutrition, eating, and body weight.

During our time together, you'll learn sound dietary principles that support metabolic functioning and learn exactly what needs to happen to reduce polarized eating patterns based on patterns observed in client case studies over the past 13+ years (Participants have said the case studies have been their favorite part).

We'll address:

  • the deeper dimensions of perfectionism

  • nutrition in the West

  • common fears and reactions that arise when working with diet

  • personal evolutionary steps toward more joyful eating

  • specific practices to heal your eating in a personal way, strongly rooted in the Feminine.

Our morning session: