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5 Must-have Eating Traits

Well last month, the real thick of the extraverted summer season was just that. Very full. Much in my personal life and also projects for Real Food Wellness. One of the projects I took on was scheduling a photo shoot with fine arts photographer and dear friend, Teri, to update some pictures on my website. We ended up booking her last workable week during her third trimester (after a rain delay two weeks earlier). We made the final call the morning of our original shoot. Overcast, drizzly…would make for some grainy images. Argh. We adapted. We blocked off a new time, booked the baby-sitter (for her) and made it happen. Rolling with the punches, being adaptable, is a skill-set that can help life flow a little more smoothly. I like to think I’ve strengthened this trait. But still, I’m more familiar with the circumstances that test and sometimes defeat me (hello, flight delay and missed connecting flight…or poor sleep) Really, we’re all continually invited to strengthen our ability to adapt. I don’t mean aquiescing, or back-bending to please other people. I mean simply cultivating our ability to shift gears and get creative under changing circumstances in a way we can still feel good about. I’ve been taking note of eating traits that, when cultivated, tend to propel women forward with their confidence eating and in life. Adaptability is one of them (especially beneficial for those with a perfectionist streak) Here’s the 5 I’ll share today:

5 Must-Have Eating Traits 1.) Adaptability – Your ability to shift gears with changing circumstances. 2.) Body Cue Literacy – Your ability to understand what hunger feels like, what sensation is telling you; Your ability to drop below the neck and experience the body instead of think about it. 3.) Self-Trust – Your ability to know the signals that tell you what is right and true for you 4.) Discernment – Your ability to identify what’s what, what’s influencing you, what’s credible or not, what’s yours and what’s not, and who is in the drivers seat while you’re eating (or doing anything else) 5.) Compassion – Even if you do not love the circumstances or your experience, your ability to love the PERSON going through it (you). Can you feel the real value of cultivating these traits? Did you notice I didn’t mention willpower, excessive planning, or using a fit bit? (ha) I’ve been tracking traits that support us in the long haul. I’ll be fleshing these, and a few other traits, out more during this months FB live class on Thursday, August 9th at 6:30pm EST (slightly delayed due to some personal and work commitments). You can join us here. As usual, thanks for reading. With love, Laura

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