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6 Cleansing Rituals for Spring

Have you been feeling an inner shift with the extra sunshine? Here in west Michigan, the birds have been chirping and we have already experienced a couple of lovely days near 50 degrees (followed by some snowy days, of course…it’s Michigan!) I’ve worn one of my spring/fall coats twice already. Spring has not yet arrived, but is upon us.

The symbolism in spring season is rich.

Spring represents a time of renewal and growth. Along with the desire to open windows (as the weather gets warmer) and get out into nature, you may also be feeling a surge of creative energy or an inclination to cleanse both your body and home. Sometimes this surge of energy may feel startling and swift (possibly in the form of anxiety – anxiety may just be new potential energy). Remember, this is a beautiful reflection of nature’s creative force working her way through you.

In honor of smooth transitions, it is a beautiful practice to ask ourselves once again, “What does really good self-care look like this season?” We have certainly witnessed the desire for rest, warmth, simplicity, grounding, and hearty foods in the winter.

But what does loving self-care look like in the Spring?

Although ritual varies from person to person, there are seasonal themes that people are most often drawn to, for very good reason.

Let’s explore these 6 themes to align with spring and clear space for what’s to come!

1.) Create early morning ritual

In Ayurveda, it is said that the longer we sleep into the morning, the heavier and more lethargic the body may feel. This is known as having excess Kapha, or watery/earthy energy. Waking up closer to 6am each morning allows the body to align with the natural cycles of the day and leaves room for morning self-care. Morning rituals like tongue scraping, neti pot, drinking warm lemon water, dry skin brushing, journaling, and reading are all beautiful places to begin. Create a ritual that you look forward to. Don’t have the time? Release the expectation to do it all. Drink some lemon water, scrape your tongue, and brush your skin before your shower. 6 minutes flat.

2.) Give your body seasonal foods

Support your body in detoxifying naturally with bitter roots like dandelion tea or turmeric. Yogi Detox tea is a nice brand of tea to also help decongest the liver. Fertilize your body with life-giving sprouts. Add leafy greens in to nourish your cells with chlorophyll. If you tend to experience allergies, congestion, or dampness in your body around springtime, lightly steam or cook your meals to avoid the dampness that a raw foods diet may aggravate this time of year.

3.) Clear clutter

Open the windows, turn on some music, and clear the corners, piles, and parts of your closet that need a Spring cleanse. Simplify. Lighten up. Open yourself to the symbolism in releasing physical items that are no longer needed. Sometimes letting go just feels so good!

4.) Let Nature inspire you

Get outside and notice that you are also a part of this process of growth and renewal. Let Mother Nature inspire and guide you. Listen to her wisdom.

5.) Work off excess dampness

The earth holds onto moisture and water this season. Our bodies express this in the form of congestion. Help burn off excess dampness by moving your body and working up a sweat. Spice things up with more vigorous movement as well as heating spices like ginger and cayenne pepper.

6.) Stay open to change

As Nature shifts, so do we. Be aware and open to changes in preferences, appetite, and hunger. When we get too attached to the way we think it’s supposed to look, we aren’t able to hear what is really needed.

Here’s to a smooth transition!

Interested in a seasonal detox? Check out this template for a simple whole foods detox.



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