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You may not love it, but it’s the flavor of the season

Have you ever had the experience of eating something very green or very bitter and laughed thinking, “Yikes, this is probably really good for me.”

As a woman whose tried many different medicinal foods and potions, I’ve found often the ones that have a particular bite to them can be the most healing.

Somewhere we know bitter can be helpful.

Today, we’re exploring bitter because it’s one of the key medicinal flavors of Spring (along with astringent and pungent).

It’s detoxifying, light, and drying in nature.

Feel better with bitter

Here’s how to increase bitter in a friendly way:

Add in bitter greens like spinach, kale, and cabbage. Lately I’ve been sautéing baby spinach with garlic as a side to simple meals.

Incorporate zucchini and eggplant into your diet. You might consider finding a nice recipe for an eggplant/zucchini baba ganoush.

Enjoy turmeric and dandelion root and goldenseal. Dandelion root tea, Dandy Blend, a turmeric supplement or leaving the spice out visibly for ample usage, or a medicinal tincture like Better Bitters can all be friendly Spring allies.

There are many ways to work with eating. Like I’d written back in January, working with foods medicinally is one of them.

Short and sweet today! Enjoy the entry into Spring!



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