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Ayurveda for a Healthy Fall Body

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Join Laura Burkett, MA, on Tuesday, September 12th, for a Fall workshop rooted in the wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine & nutrition to help you transition smoothly with your diet with the seasonal change.

Fall inspires many to revisit their self-care and eating practices. Ayurvedic nutritional practices can help you feel your best, clear any stagnation or congestion in the body, regulate body weight, and keep colds and flu at bay.

Together, we'll explore guidelines for well-being with an emphasis on a Fall diet and self-care practices that are accessible and empowering.

Class will cover:

* The purpose of Ayurveda and the Vedic sciences

* Working with the lymphatic & digestive system bearing in mind Fall imbalance in the body

* A brief overview of the different body constitutions and tips for each this season

* How to implement an Ayurvedic Fall Diet from late September through December

* Seasonally appropriate cleansing & detoxification practices

Date: Tuesday, September 12th Time: 7:00pm-8:15pm EST Format: Zoom (Class will be recorded, though live attendance is recommended if possible!) Cost: $30 (for class and handouts)

To sign-up and reserve your space, you can complete payments via PayPal or Venmo:

Venmo option: send $30 to @lauraburkettgutierrez (confirmation phone #: 1691)

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