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For your immune system…

When I feel a doozy of a virus coming on I usually roll up my sleeves and get to work on a few practices from my arsenal of holistic remedies.

Last year I juiced fresh ginger with lemon, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon and cayenne pepper every day while I was feeling unwell. I draped my towel over my head and inhaled the steam of hot water with couple drops of wintergreen oil to open my sinuses. I got to bed early most nights.

I ended up getting better.

I’m also remembering years ago, bed-ridden with a virus and sleeping a ton, reading the book Eat Pray, Love, watching a movie about a pie business with my partner (the name escapes me…the movie’s name, not his), and shortly after, feeling inspired, eating a generous slice of chocolate mousse pie.

I also ended up getting better.

Whatever your strategy, as long as you’re getting some solid hours of rest, it’s likely you’ll get better at some point.

But there do tend to be things that can aggravate symptoms we already have or compromise the immune system (especially if are already stressed and not sleeping well).

Today, I’m sharing some good ol’ practical preventative care as well as ways to support your immune system when you’re already feeling under the weather.

Feeling under the weather?

Incorporate heating and pungent foods and spices into your cooking: ginger, chili pepper, onion, garlic

Lay off mucus forming foods if you have a sinus infection: typically dairy products, grain and flour products, and fried foods

Enjoy steamy, broth-based soups: thins mucus and soothes mucus membranes

Lay low on sugar: At best, sugar will have a neutral effect on your body, but when defenses are low or you’re wanting to keep your immunity strong, consider reducing the amount of sugary, and flour-based treats for a while

High vitamin C foods: Many fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of vitamin C but some of the headliners include guava, red bell pepper, kiwi, oranges, strawberries, papaya, and broccoli

Easy to digest meals: Consider one pot meals (like soup or ayurvedic kitchari) or simple meals like vegetable omelets or some baked roots.

Sipping hot water: Sipping hot water throughout the day help thin the mucus (which is an ally with dry winter air as well)

Sweating and flipping upside down: Preventative care for the more sedentary vibe of winter months, get a little sweat in or if you practice yoga, a headstand or handstand to pump the lymph (kundalini yoga is particularly great for the lymph as it includes lymph work in every warm-up!)

Fire Cider: I don’t make my own fancy Fire Cider, but one of my friend’s kid’s makes it (and makes a small fortune selling it) Spend a Sunday whipping up some. Here’s a 5 minute concoction. Here’s another one that takes a bit longer.

Probiotics: Not a bad idea to take a pro-biotic or get your hands on some raw, fermented veggies.

Also connect your local herbalist for immune-boosting herbs like elderberry, echinachea, oregano, and astragalus root.

Overwhelmed by this list?

Here’s the easy version:

Scale back on the sugar, flour, and sweets. Eat simple, hot meals with spices. Take your probiotics. Sleep. Time.

Until next time, take wonderful care,



Did you watch my most recent 30 minute class on Binge Eating? You can find it here.

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