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In a Food Rut? This video is for you!

Food ruts. We all get in em’- myself included. Sure there are time you feel inspired to prep meals or are floating on the fluffy cloud of self-love, making nice meals for yourself. But what about the times when you are frustrated, uninspired, unmotivated, or not seeming to care?

Consider these handful of simple remedies:

1.) Make it Art – There is something really beautiful that happens metabolically when our food is aesthetically pleasing. Metabolism begins with the eyes, ears, and nose. Consider taking pictures of your food creations. Let it become creative.

2.) Dine out more – When you’re dining out, notice what you are ordering. What’s getting your attention? You’ll get a sense of what you have a taste for. At home, we typically cycle through the same 5-10 meals/foods and can get bored. Allow dining out to be an opportunity to get inspired and then find a way to re-create what you are enjoying at home. I did this recently after going to a delicious Turkish restaurant with my husband and felt pretty psyched up about the re-creation at home (twice:)

3.) Make enough for two – With the intention of “gifting” someone with part of your meal, we usually infuse a little more love and a little more soul into the meal. No more cheese and crackers for dinner! Make a quick vegetable soup by sauteeing vegetables and blending them with spices and broth or coconut milk. Instead of just having a couple eggs and and baby carrots, chop avocado, cilantro, bell peppers, and parsley. Add a sprinkle of nutritional yeast and spices. It doesn’t need to take long.

4.) Create a New Challenge for Yourself – If you’ve ever started a new hobby, style of eating, or workout regimen, I am sure you are familiar with the “honeymoon” period where everything feels fresh and exciting. Just like anything, time passes, and our interest can wane. So what’s a way you can integrate a sense of newness into your eating style? Maybe you plan to try raw meals for fun once a day. Or maybe you challenge yourself to find 10 different ways to use the beloved avocado during the week (hint: chocolate pudding, brownies, with eggs, guacamole, in place of butter on toast, avocado icecream, grill it…)

Note: If you ever feel a sense of apathy towards self-care or making nice meals, know that it is very normal. Let yourself be in that space of apathy and really simplify things. You can simplify and you can still take really good care.

with love and respect,


p.s. If you have three more ways to use avocado in your meals, share below!

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