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One weight loss practice WAY better than crunching numbers

Last weekend, I drove back to my hometown, to throw one of my childhood friends a little baby shower at the house I grew up in.

We decided to meet mid-day on Saturday to feast and celebrate.

Colombian-style, of course; We had a big meal smack-dab in the middle of the day.

There was something for everyone: sweet potato fries, herbed rice, pork tenderloin, grilled summer vegetables.

We dined well!

And felt great.

Over the past several years I’ve found my body responds wonderfully with a substantial lunch.

And I find many people feel better eating this way. We are metabolic powerhouses in the middle of the day.

However, many of us forget about this metabolic gift.

We structure our lives in ways that leave little time for breakfast, prepping lunch, or grocery shopping.

If weight loss is on the agenda, we may always err on the side of trying to eating less, only to overeat in the late afternoon or early evening

We work through our lunches or are glued to our technology while eating.

We are dis-connected from our bodies.

To me, properly balancing the physical body is a solid foundation for our deeper personal work. If you are not sleeping well, not digesting well, feeling low-energy, or stuck in eating habits that don’t feel good, your judgment, clarity, and ability to self-reflect may not be quite up to par .

We have to care for our bodies.

I don’t mean trying to bully ourselves into eating a certain way.

I mean being committed to finding out how to sync back up with nature and align with the sort of self-care that naturally leads to: - A healthy metabolism - Clearer thinking - A regulated appetite

One thing you can start TODAY, is having a more substantial lunch. The easiest way to think about this is to consider what you normally eat for dinner and eat it for lunch.

(i.e. Make Lunch “Dinner-y”)

In Month One of The Healthy Woman, we will be working with the physical body more in depth, to provide a solid anchor for the deeper work in the coming three months.

September, we will be exploring:

  • How to take beautiful care of physical bodies without forcing, yanking, yourself through things

  • Aligning your body rhythms with supportive sleep, eating, seasonal, appetite, and hormonal cyles

  • Challenges that the physical body brings us: pain, symptoms, weight fluctuations and how to work with them.

I love this module. It’s really spot on as we step into the flow of Autumn rhythms.

Enrollment is open and the class size is growing, but caps at 15 women.

If you are interested in this commitment to yourself, one Saturday per month, here is all the information you need to sign up.

I wish you a beautiful remainder to August. I am on personal retreat tucked away in Nature for a long weekend while I can. Something I like to plan a couple times a year.

See you in class (or at the next blog)

Big hug,


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