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Requirements of Food Freedom

Here’s a short-ish musing I posted on social media not long ago. Perhaps you’ll find it good food for thought:

Overly focusing on nutritional “rightness” or body “rightness” is a waste of precious energetic resources. We know that. But despite the understanding that muscling ourselves through strict or vigorous diet protocols may not be a sustainable way to go on with our lives, we seem to assume the more austere route is the best way. Why? Because culture glorifies the most heroic pursuits with diet as the only way to really get things done, and somewhere we’ve internalized this. Couple this with collective body image issues, and you’ll find a fertile ground for a painful relationship with food. One that feels like an inner war.

To feel freedom around food requires two things: a genuine acceptance of the body as it is right now, and honestly putting all foods and ways of eating on your menu of possibility…yes, from the most austere to the most indulgent sort of diets. How will you know you’re free? Your decisions will be far less reactive. They won’t have a knee-jerk energy behind them. They will be led by a wiser, more trusting part of yourself. Moving into this sort of freedom is the real work. And if you write this work off as not so important, I will share these words from Marc David: “A healed relationship with food and body contributes to humanity by a more conscious involvement in the world.” With love, Laura Like this post? Then you might also like: Before and after pictures

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