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8 signs you're disconnected from yourself with eating

Here are 8 signs your disconnected from yourself with eating:

1.) You are not going to the grocery store for days when you're out of fresh food (you're ordering Door Dash, take-out, or eating snacks instead of legitimate meals)

2.) You are not stating your preferences around friends or family when they ask you (you're trying to be "easy" and "not a burden" to others)

3.) You are eating food that you know does not agree with you (often)

4.) You are making eating decisions based off of what other's are ordering/eating (you're orienting to other people's feelings or judgments instead of your own wants and desires)

5.) You are finishing everything in front of you, no matter the amounts, feeling uncomfortably full

6.) You are binge eating (the urge might be an attempt from the body to re-balance a nutritional imbalance OR an attempt from the psyche to rescue you from overwhelming discomfort/pain)

7.) Your are "forgetting" to eat

8.) You are spending too much time watching diet/health videos/articles - no longer a hobby, more like a fixation or obsession

Being connected to yourself is one of the bigger themes that impacts eating and your relationship with food. "What do I want?"

and "How do I feel?" are key questions. If answering those questions proves challenging, your questions might be, "What do I notice gets in the way of me knowing/saying what I want?" and "What gets in the way of my knowing what I feel?" Your entry point.

With love & respect,


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