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Take your Holistic Health Inventory

So how have the first two weeks of the New Year gone for you?

I’ve been in bed since Friday with a little virus and am beginning to feel much better.Initially, I was frustrated because I needed to cancel social plans and activities I was looking forward to. That wore off and things slowed down. I took advantage and slept a ton, took a bath every day, and had simple, healing meals with a bunch of vegetables.

It really is amazing how the body heals itself given half a chance.

In “the spirit of slow” I created a checklist or inventory for you to take some time with, taking stock of your health from a holistic viewpoint. And of course, I wouldn’t ask you to do something I don’t do myself. I regularly set aside time to check in with myself around these three areas.

Holistic Health Inventory

Answer “yes” or “no” to the following questions (except the last one, obviously):


  • Am I moving my body on a regular basis in ways that I enjoy?

  • Am I adding many health-promoting plant foods to my diet like leafy greens, healthy fats, vegetables, and fruit?

  • Am I decreasing the amount of sugar, refined foods, fried food, and fast food in my diet?

  • Am I allowing myself rest when I need it?

  • Am I making sure to drink water throughout the day?

  • Do I sleep well?

  • Am I using non-toxic products on my skin and in my home?


  • Am I practicing letting go of grudges I have that are still holding me emotionally captive?

  • Do I practice full self-acceptance, even when I feel I am less than perfect?

  • Do I feel I have adequate resources to navigate my inner world?

  • Am I allowing emotions to naturally flow through me?

  • Am I laughing on a regular basis or spending time with people that crack me up?