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5 Habits of Savvy Eaters

Not long ago I returned from a pilgrimage of sorts for a Jungian psychology workshop/conference in the Peruvian Amazon.

It was a big trip for me. Not only did I have the opportunity to spend time with gifted teachers/healers, but I also faced the edges of my own perceived limitations, surpassed them, and was able to connect with a strength and resiliency that I hold so dear in my heart.

It was a beautiful trip with lessons I will continue to integrate and implement in my life and my work in the coming months.

For now I will share one thing I found interesting (with my eating psychology hat on) that may be of particular interest to you in the realm of nutritional flexibility and savvy.

Traveling can bring up concerns for those who are wanting to be mindful of their eating habits.

My own travels inspired me to examine what qualities need cultivation to make a weekend conference, a meal at a friend or family member’s home, or an international excursion a breeze.

It’s no secret I’m a sucker for my morning routines. I drink room temperature lemon water each morning, enjoy nettle infusions, apple cider vinegar, cucumber/celery juice, or some of my favorite herbal teas. My hunger sets in at 7:30am like clockwork. I’ve got to eat. But welcoming a new way of eating is part of the adventure. Particularly when travelling to a different region of the country or the world, it’s important to remember the land provides the foods that will most benefit those inhabiting it. It’s a lovely symbiotic relationship and a beautiful practice in letting go and acclimating.

I loved enjoying the regional foods, the fresh coconut, cacao, plantain and yucca root, and my newest favorite, Macambo seeds(a cousin of the beloved cacao). Roasted of fried, they are DELICIOUS.

My appetite was so small it shocked me. I often ate two meals a day, typically a late breakfast and a main meal late afternoon. Warm tropical weather often has that effect (especially without air conditioning). Body wisdom knows a smaller appetite helps regulate body temperature.

Now, to bring this back to something that is relevant in your life, I have some reminders that can support any woman who is stepping out of her regular routine whether going away, near or far, for a few hours, or a few weeks.

Savvy, flexible eaters:

Know the basics that work for their bodies

Do your work at home to get a pretty good sense of what foods work and don’t work for your body. For example, papaya tends to have the same effect on me whether I eat it in the States or out of the country…a laxative effect! So I have to bring my knowledge of what I’ve learned wherever I go.

Use the mantra, “What’s the next best thing?”

This can be a savior for any person who is clinging too tightly to their nutritional preferences. When a situation is not ideal, a person could feel frustrated and eat whatever is available without discernment. Asking, “What’s the next best thing?” is accepting what is and still taking good care.

Trust their hunger

Hunger signals are hunger signals. If you are on Spring Break and not as hungry you’re not as hungry. If you’re backpacking out west, your hunger and appetite might be double in size. You may notice a difference in appetite with seasonal changes as well. Trust that your body is very wise and very adaptable.

Eat to feel well

I’ve written this advice as a shareable image on social media, “First ask yourself, ‘How do I want to feel?’ then ask yourself ‘What way of eating will support that?”

Trust what the earth provides

Like I mentioned, the earth provides the types of foods that will most benefit it’s inhabitants. In Ayurveda and Macorbiotics there is an understanding that people will remain healthy the more aligned they are with Nature, including her natural bounty of food.

Let go of certainty

When it comes to diet, always leave room for uncertainty. Just when you think you have it figured out, remember that your body will continue to grow and change. When you leave room for uncertainty, your dialogue with the body remains open.

With love and respect,


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