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Twist. Cleanse. Rinse. Repeat.

Yes, cleansing and detoxifying are the hot tickets these days. Who wouldn’t be drawn to the promise of a brand-spankin-new body just in time for warm weather? But believe it or not, there once was a time people practiced cleansing and fasting NOT to look better in a bikini, but as a way to connect to a deeper wisdom within.

It is true. The physical benefits were mere side effects.

But just like twisting yourself up into a yoga pretzel isn’t a short-cut to the Divine, we can’t all of a sudden reach “enlightenment” by drinking green juice all day. And to be quite honest, enlightenment is not on everyone’s agenda anyway. Most people are drawn to the benefit of relieving a physical symptom first and foremost. So we begin with the physical body.

Symptoms of toxicity and congestion are an unpleasant reality. Many are suffering from weakened immunity, headaches, digestion issues, food/environmental allergies, fatigue, pain, or degenerative disease. Feeling unwell gets our attention – thank goodness – as a sweet little reminder that we are somehow out of alignment.

Good News

A seasonal cleanse certainly doesn’t have to be vigorous to be effective. Some of the most basic strategies like warm lemon water in the morning and a consistent sleeping schedule can assist the body syncing up with its own natural detoxification cycles.

I’ve noticed that people are drawn to these super-intense detoxification practices almost as a response to a super-intense and congesting way of eating and being in the world. As my teacher Marc, reminded me, “Black-and-White thinking is a convenient way to avoid finding balance.” Does this resonate with you to any degree?

Let it be known I take no issue with cleanses, mild OR intense. As long as the strategy brings you peace, it is serving.

Cleansing and detox has be an ongoing evolution for me as my relationship with food continues to grow and change. I’m excited to share both my personal and professional experience in this area! This may very well be a powerful tool for your own physical and emotional healing.

Wishing you a beautiful Spring! May you stop and smell the daffodils along the way. With love and respect,


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