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Weird Holiday Eating?

If you find that your eating gets pretty derailed around the holidays or your mind suddenly fills with more eating negotiations this time of year...

(ex. okay, in January we're getting the eating in serious order, so now's the time to get indulgence out of your system)

...then this question is for you:

If there were no option or possibility to get your eating cleaned up or "un-do the holiday damage" in

January, if this option was completely taken off the table, how do you think the next month of eating would change for you?

It's a simple question, but really think about it for yourself (or for anyone else):

If a woman no longer has a dietary escape hatch to "save herself" a month down the road, how might her relationship with food and eating be different during the month of December? Or how might she be called to change the way she approaches eating this month?

I think it's really beneficial for people to ponder this for themselves personally as well consider the social phenomena of the Holiday Eating/New Years Resolution dynamic.

Ultimately, we all get to decide how we'd like to do things. How would you like the next two months to go?


Also, if you love pondering these sorts of things: learning about nutrition, eating psychology, healing, and the unspoken energies in the culture...

Registration is open for my online eating psychology retreat on January 22nd. Its from 10am-4pm with an hour lunch break. I'll be steering the ship, giving voice and context to the eating and health challenges that many women face today.

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