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Your 2023 Eating Inventory

As we move toward the shortest days of the year and all get snuggled in with a few of the cozy rituals we love most, it might be a wonderful time to reflect on the past year to get a feel for where you've grown and where you're still growing.


First, I'd like to remind you:


1. There is no arrival point. You will always be learning, growing, course-correcting, and adapting

2. Patience, curiosity, and commitment are kind allies

3. With enough direct experiences and self-reflection, you will earn wisdom


2023 Nutrition & Eating Psychology Check-list: (Read it here)


  • Did I feel a level of contentment around my overall eating habits this year?

  • Did I feel happy with the role eating played in my life this year? Did I feel food and eating took its proper place in my life?

  • Was I able to adapt to different scenarios skillfully? (vacation time, dining out, eating with extended family, taking care of myself when I'm tired or stressed)

  • How do I feel I navigated social comparison this year? Did I remember that this is my life and I'm on my own journey and my responsibility is to myself and my own growth?

  • Did I get adequate dietary protein in each day? Do I understand how much I need? Do I still have more to learn?

  • Did I have a pretty good relationship with carbohydrates and sugar? (meaning, less stress and emotional charge about these foods and more enjoying the right amount for my body)

  • Did I make more connections around how my relationship with myself and other people impacts my relationship with food and self-care?

  • Do I feel my relationship with food is growing and maturing? Do I feel more like a grown woman when relating to food and eating?

  • Even though I am not perfect (not the goal, anyway), am I proud of how far I've come? Can I love myself up?

  • Do I have a sense of what I'd like to focus on these coming months? (healing painful habits, tending to macronutrient balance, learning to cook more at home, setting goals for myself, or becoming less rigid)  



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