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20 Ways to be Good to Your Skin

Last holiday weekend was medicinal in so many ways. Along with a hike at Pine River (this stunning view below) Brandon and I managed to snag a 24 hour window to rent a very small cabin for the tail end of the holiday weekend. We got a couple more hikes in, took mid-day naps, and drank beer and kombucha by the bonfire. And I got walloped by mosquito bites! It’s a joke with loved ones – the mosquitoes love my sweet Colombian blood when I am in the States, and my sweet “Gringo” blood when I am in South America. Either way, between trying not to scratch these darn things and warmer weather sticking around, I’ve had skin care on my mind. Why care about skin? Aside from the aesthetics, cultivating radiant skin asks us to practice several important things:

  • Creating consistent self-care practices

  • Becoming cognizant of ingredients

  • Helping us improve the quality of the food we ingest, as the skin is often a marker as to what is going on inside of the body

  • Learning to read our bodies through external symptoms, that often manifest via the skin

I learned, for example, that my skin can develop these little bumps, on the backs of my upper arms and upper legs, similar to keratosis pilaris, that can get show up with too much gluten, dairy, and processed foods. What we ingest definitely can play a role in the health of our skin.

Today I’ve got 20 (yes 20) tips for you to care for your skin from the inside out as well as the outside in. Enjoy! 1.) Mix up your own organic face masks like one of these. 2.) Rub coconut oil on your skin. I love to use coconut oil on my body and even my face. It is a stellar moisturizer, and does not clog pores like commercial petroleum based moisturizers. A little goes a log way. 3. ) Practice Ayurvedic Abhyanga self-massage. Here’s a little tutorial. I actually do this oil massage while I am in the shower to save time. 4. ) Drink lots of lemon water. As a kid I remember my mom carrying a large water bottle with fresh lemon juice in it regularly. She still does. She’s got great skin. 5.) Drink fresh green juice. 6.) Watch salt intake. (a vice of mine!) Not only can this can create swelling and retention, according to Chinese face reading, can show up around the eyes (the kidney region) as puffiness or dark circles. 7.) Eats lots of healthy fats. Food that are rich in Omega -3’s are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. 8.) Enjoy dark leafy greens. Dark greens oxygenate the blood, improve mood, and improve elimination. 9.) Reduce inflammatory foods (gluten, dairy, processed carbohydrates, and sugar) None of this have health benefits, so you won’t be missing out on nutrition. 10.) That being said, when you do eat any of these be choosy with your intake. In my book, there is plenty of from for pleasure in the diet. Make sure what you choose is your favorite! 11.) Experiment with Live Foods. Raw foods are naturally cleansing (rather than building like cooked foods). With warmer weather, raw foods keep the body and skin cool and alkaline. 12.) Love your liver. The liver cleans house and makes sure that the system doesn’t get clogged and aggravate the skin. Eating fiber-rich foods helps keep things moving. 13.) Cut out alcohol. Or examine the dose you are taking in. 14.) Increase Vitamin C (citrus, chili peppers, bell peppers, dark leafy greens). All great for skin health. 15.) Splash very cold water on your face in the morning and give your body a cold rinse after your hot shower. 16.) Watch Pitta-producing foods. If your body already tends to run on the hot side, watch aggravating foods like hot, spicy meals. 17.) Have adequate resources to expel angry/irritated energy. If you are unwilling to expel angry energy, the skin just might do it for you. 18.) Keep your hormones balanced. Keep blood sugar balanced, eat fiber-rich whole foods meals, sleep, and drink plenty of water. 19.) Keep washing as simple as possible. Keep face washing to a minimum. Perhaps in the evening and a cold splash of water in the morning. 20.) Take Epsom salt baths. It is said these baths help replenish the body’s magnesium levels and sulfates, which reduce inflammation, improve blood flow, and nourish the skin and nervous tissue. Take-Aways: Choose ONE THING to practice. One action often has multiple benefits. For example, increasing leafy greens helps detoxify the liver, encourage regular bowel movements, oxygenates the blood, alkalizes the body, reduces inflammation, and supports hormonal function. Share below! What is that you are already doing mentioned above? Have any favorites or anything you’d like to try? With Love, Laura Like this post? You might also like: 8 Ayurvedic Tips for Healthy Digestion

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