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2019 Wrap-Up & Reflections

As usual this time of year, rather than write a typical post, I set aside a little time for reflections both personally and professionally as Real Food Wellness rounds out another year. Here are some themes: CLASSES WITH HEART

This year’s line-up included my usual Ayurvedic trainings for local yoga teacher training programs through Prairie Yoga and Yoga Fever in West Michigan. We went deep in my 4th year at Cascade Yoga Studio leading a workshop on the Psychological Shadow. I’m always encouraged by the turnout!

Early in the year, some of you joined me for a three-week series where we explored the advanced eating practice of eating to the point of energy. Other classes for home study included a user-friendly class on carbohydrates, a class on the psychology and healing of black-and-white eating, and some of you joined me in exploring the fascinating world of our inner personality parts (whether we acknowledge it or not, we have parts of us that are absolutely in charge of our habits).

I taught a short community class on Psycho-shamanism, which is a synthesis of depth psychological wisdom and shamanic wisdom (this one is available in the FB video library). And every year, I seem to get an invitation or two for a corporate nutrition talk which encourages me to find new and fresh ways to talk about protein, fat, and carbs in a way that doesn’t put anyone to sleep (myself included!) NOTEABLE BLOGS IN 2019

In case you like to re-visit certain posts, here are the three most read and shared blog posts of the year in the order they were published: What I’d like all women to have on their menu right now (some winter body-care) Stay centered in the digital age with this The Ketogenic Diet & Personal Power ONE-ON-ONE WORK

One-on-one work is still at the heart of Real Food Wellness. If we’ve worked together you know how true this is. Right now sessions are still scheduled on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in my Grand Rapids office and on Mondays and Thursdays for remote sessions. This year also marked the first year for extended one-on-one sessions, called Intensives, which I’ve done both in the Grand Rapids and other locations, which have been beautiful. SHARPENING & DEEPENING

2019 marked the completion of some professional training a few years in the making in a powerful evidence-based form of therapy. I’m a better person because of it. I currently continue studies in the field of transpersonal psychology and (of course) keep a steady pulse on the field of nutrition with continued study and research most recently on macro-nutrient support and medicinal plants. On go the trends in nutrition! A COUPLE PERSONAL REFLECTIONS:

This year I’ve found myself re-engaging with the real life-blood for me – BEAUTY – with more time on and near the water and more time engaged in the arts and appreciation of beauty in it’s many forms. I finally learned my favorite Chopin piece on the piano I’ve also been more selective of how I spend my time, streamlining time on social media, clearing up space in many ways. FINAL THOUGHTS:

I want to thank of everyone who has chosen to read this and continues to support, engage in, and share my work, and especially thank those who come in for sessions. I care about you and believe in you more than you may know. It’s been a great year!

With so many things going on in the world around us, things wanting and needing attention, I remind myself of the simple fact that when we feel better, we do better out in world. Caring for our physical and psychological well-being is so important. In the process we learn the lessons that are ours to learn and, from this place, engage in life with a bit more heart and fire.

I’m wishing you a wonderful remainder of the year and much courage and commitment to yourself and what you value most this coming 2020. Woo, here we go! With love & respect, Laura

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