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2021 In Review

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Hi everyone,

I have a ritual in December around the Solstice to set aside some not-too-formal time to get a larger feel for the year that has passed.

For those of you that appreciate a glimpse into the year, here are a few highlights I'll share here:

For Real Food Wellness:

  • This past Spring, I resumed in-person sessions one day a week which felt utterly bizarre for about a month, after such a long time away from the office during the pandemic.

  • Real Food Wellness launched its first 1-Day eating psychology in-person retreat which was very well received, enough for an encore offering in January if you'd like to join (this time online for those that prefer it)

  • The Real Food Wellness website had a make-over. A bit boring, so long story short, my old Wordpress site was one update away from crashing so I hired a Wix team to migrate my site and several years worth of blogs, and voila, new functional site as well as a new newsletter format that works better too. We did have a couple snafus, (I only panicked twice :) ) but we worked through them.

  • Requests for support reached a high, leading to quite a waiting list this year (especially over the Fall). I am extremely grateful to offer something that meets the legitimate needs of others. One-on-one work delights me to no end. I also plan to continue group offerings as there's a type of camaraderie and healing that can happen in community. (Past clients: you can reach out for check-in sessions as needed. I try and leave a little open space in my calendar each month).

  • And if you have an interest, the top two articles this year were, interestingly, the most recent ones: The Holy Land of Eating Psychology and Weird Holiday Eating? (if you missed these and would like to read them)


  • My partner and I received our COVID vaccinations early in the year. This change alone made for a huge year for all of us (for better or worse).

  • I wrapped up a new leg of my scholarly journey completing additional Masters work in the field of Transpersonal Psychology, working to bridge IFS therapy, depth psychology, health psychology, and psycho-shamanic healing and pursued an amazing practicum that helped me do it. This was deeply meaningful personally and really continues to bring a type of integrity to my work that I value so strongly.

  • I've been participating in monthly drum circles with a small spiritual community I've been a part of for several years. This summer I led one drum circle, teaching, and singing, and drumming and experienced a new sense of power. My parents also were involved with a dimension of this this late summer with my partner and I which touched all four of us a great deal.