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7 Ways to Chart Your Own Course with Diet in 2023

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

There's a collective push to get things "cleaned up" this time of year. Without an anchor to your Center, it's easy to stray away from your own intuition and own wisdom.

Here are seven suggestions to chart your own course this New Year. See what resonates with you most:

  1. Instead of focusing on what others are doing, focus on the next best step for you personally. Be honest and realistic with yourself. Everyone is on their own path, including you.

  2. Choose 1-2 goals you'd like to attain with your diet/eating. Write them down. Take on a student-like attitude and learn the steps it takes to get there. Be patient with yourself and be willing to learn through your own direct experience.

  3. If you're always trying a weight loss strategy with eating that does not last, work on your relationship with food and with yourself. No diet or eating program will resolve that thing you do with food after you weigh yourself or the ways black and white thinking derails your eating.

  4. Decide on one cooking skill you'd like to get more proficient at and weave it in once a week until it feels natural for you.

  5. If you're healing disordered eating patterns, make doing the deeper work to heal and liberate yourself a priority. Get support. Your life will change. This can be an incredible psychological and spiritual journey for women.

  6. Consider any fears you might have about working with your diet/eating patterns. What might be gained? What might be lost? For instance, some fear that positive strides with eating may be threatening to certain people.

  7. Ask yourself, What didn't work for me last year with my eating? Have a heart-to-heart with yourself. Think creatively how to re-shape things so the same pattern does not repeat.

Your power here is your ability to make decisions for yourself, to decide what you are willing and not willing to do, and to commit to yourself. As I often tell clients, if you're learning and growing, you're doing it right!

Bless this coming year!

[Join me on January 7th for my only Eating Psychology retreat of the year! Take the day to yourself and get ready to dive deep and learn]

With love & respect,


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