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5 Mantras of Self-Care

I was cleaning my apartment the other day and came across a list I wrote a handful of years ago I called The 5 Mantras of Self-Care. I remember writing these during a period I was feeling VERY uninspired to cook, exercise, and generally take good care of myself.

I knew I needed a visual reminder to go back to again and again.

Why did I lose my self-care mojo?

My lack of inspiration surfaced when I really saw it was time to commit to stop eating and exercising out of a place of judgment or anxiety.

Without these as “motivation” I found I was a little lost and questioning my reasons for eating well and exercising. Without having the Inner Judge or Inner Bully running the show, what would carry me through in taking good care of myself??

I stayed committed to the question, “How fully can I bring love into the picture?” and came up with some declarations…

5 Mantras of Self-Care

1.) “I love myself enough to feed my body, the house of my soul, both nutritious and nourishing foods.”

2.) “I love myself enough to hang with experiences that I may perceive to be intensely good, bad, boring, or triggering and not abandon myself or retreat to my mind too quickly.”

3.) “I love myself enough to move my body in supportive ways every day, unless my body is asking for sleep or rest.”

4.) “I love myself enough to speak truth with integrity and to stand up for myself and my heart.”

And finally, the most important:

5.) “I love myself enough to embrace my own humanity, the moments I am less than perfect. I am human, after all.”

If you find yourself wavering in inspiration, I encourage you to create your own mantras of self-care, use mine (I am happy to loan them!) or use this as a template.

To love of Self!


(And (drum roll) here are all the final details and descriptions for my 4-Month Workshop Series: The Healthy Woman. Registration is officially open today and ends on August 29th although I suspect enrollment will fill prior to that date.)

I’d love to have you join me. Register early. Details HERE.

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