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Are your eating habits actually problem?

Okay, so what’s on your “naughty list?”

Most people have a few things that they eat that they feel they shouldn’t be eating. What does that look like for you? Is it pizza or potato chips? Cookies or brownies? Did you have some of your kids French fries? Did you have a slice of cheese even though you are striving toward veganism? Did you eat past 7pm? Did you eat gluten?

Where did these rules really come from? Were you born with these rules in place? Chances are you somehow picked them up as diet trends have come and gone. Maybe your body feels fine having gluten to some degree or having an evening snack. Maybe not. The point is, we are so quick to judge our food choices before we even take the first bite.

Q: Is it really a problem?

Let’s use the example of eating some sugar or something processed. Rather than simply getting caught up in “Well, sugar is bad for me. I ate it. Bad me” learn to use discernment when examining why you reach for certain foods and ask if it is, in fact, an issue that needs attention. There may actually not be anything “wrong.”

How to know

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Was it life-enhancing or detracting?

  • Was it eaten from a place of defeat or conscious choosing?

That’s all there is to it. Is this choice life-affirming or not? That sort of question demands personal integrity and allows you get clear about what sort of relationship with food would bring you the most peace.

In this way you can see that one person may be consciously choosing to enjoy a bowl of ice cream with their children and receive its pleasure and nourishment, where another person may be already feeling defeated before even taking the first bite!

The art of eating can be both complicated and quite simple. Perhaps experiment with the combination of simplicity and good questions to fully empower yourself.

Thanks for reading!


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