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Do you Head Straight to the Kitchen after Work?

Transitions can be challenging. Think about the transition from work to home. Instead of creating a cushion of time to really get home and relax, we walk right into the kitchen and start picking food out of the pantry. Food can unwittingly act as the buffer, grounding us, “chilling us out,” and getting us back into our bodies after a high-energy or stressful day.

Here are a few tips to create a more empowering transition home:

1.) Detour Ritual

If you know you habitually head straight to the kitchen when you get home, make a conscious effort to try something else. When I became aware of my after-work habit, I decided to take a detour and head straight to the couch and kick up my heels instead. Just enough time to acknowledge, “Whew – that was a hell of a day,” and then stay there if I needed to rest or collect my thoughts. Do what works for you. With the onset of this beautiful spring weather, consider taking a seat outside for a while to be in space with a slower vibration.

2.) If you get home hungry, consider eating something that has “an end.”

If you frequently arrive home HUNGRY, then eat!! But lovingly plan something that can’t go on forever. Try a sandwich, an apple with almond butter, or a smoothie. Chips with salsa, trail mix, or digging into leftovers may make knowing when you are “done” difficult. That isn’t to say that these foods are off limits, but if you are very hungry it’s hard to slow down enough to know what enough really is. Better yet, if you are prone to feeling ravenous after work, make sure you eat a legitimate snack earlier in the afternoon so Hurricane (enter your name here) doesn’t wipe out the cupboards.

3.) By all means, meet the need!

I remember staying with a dear friend of mine in Boulder last fall and was amazed witnessing her getting-home-ritual. She would walk in, set down her purse, and would have a short conversation with herself that went something like this: “Hmm, what do I NEED right now? Am I hungry? Do I need to go outdoors for a walk?…” etc. It was so sweet to see her really meet her needs so honestly. At least practice asking the question. You may be surprised that hungry is only ONE after-work unmet need. You may be (7 dwarf style): Hungry, Thirsty, Horny, Lonely, Spazzy, Sleepy, or Angry. Name them. Meet them. And find something that will pacify them and empower you.

Do you see challenges in your own transitions? Perhaps these are during breaks in work, transitioning from work weeks to weekends, from vacation to home, or from seminars back to the real world. Can you find your own rituals that make the transition more seamless?

With love and respect,


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