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Gentle Spring Cleansing

Whatever path you choose to pursue, it cannot be denied: A vital and well-nourished body is the vessel for intuition, creativity, and expression. When we begin to realize that our body is far more than this thing that takes us from point A to B, or a mere physical structure that we need to mistrust and whip into shape, we start to develop a loving partnership with our body.

The more my diet remains whole foods based and relatively clean, the less I am drawn to an intense dietary protocol. That isn’t to say there isn’t place for such a thing, but for many, a less intense protocol allows for nourished, seasonal eating minus the quick release of toxins into the bloodstream. Remember, the body is designed to heal itself given half a chance.

I always encourage clients to approach a detox much like a science experiment, observing how your body responds to different protocols. The practice of seasonal cleansing can be a beautiful practice throughout the course of a lifetime. Each time you will learn something new about your body and your relationship with food. Moving forward with a detox with this mindset can generate far more “success.”

Ultimately, you get to choose what will bring you the most peace. This varies from person to person, year to year, and season to season.

If you have an interest in a light yet nourishing seasonal protocol, I’ve created an example for you to refer to. Notice the increase in light, austere foods like: berries, sprouts, beans, and leafy greens. If anything, begin adding these into your diet. Light food preparation like steaming vegetables is a very spring-friendly cooking method.

Sample Day/Menu

Start your morning with a large glass of room temperature lemon water (I like to leave this bedside and drink upon waking) Go to the bathroom Scrape your tongue and dry skin brush your body using long stokes towards your heart followed by a shower Enjoy a hot mug of dandelion root or detox tea

Plug in movement that brings your body to a sweat. A twist-focused yoga class is a wonderful practice as is walking, jogging, or sweating in an infrared sauna.

Have a light and nourishing breakfast like: Hot quinoa with cinnamon and raw pumpkin seeds A berry, avocado, and leafy greens smoothie Ayuvedic Kitchari

Sip hot water, tea, or vegetable broth throughout the day

Enjoy a clean and hearty lunch like: (make this meal your largest) Poached chicken and quinoa vegetable salad with leafy greens Large green salad with sprouts, chickpeas, and assorted veggies Chickpea salad with parsley, spinach, tomatoes, lemon, and olive oil Blanched asparagus with capers and drizzled olive oil and lemon with quinoa salad Ayurvedic Kitchari

Sip hot water, tea, or vegetable broth throughout the day

Enjoy a light supper like: Cucumber Avocado Soup Gazpacho and a leafy green salad with sprouts Steamed vegetables with protein of your choosing Ayurvedic Kitchari

Take a nice Epsom salt bath with essential oils and relax


Overall increase the amounts of: Sprouts Leafy Greens Turmeric and Dandelion Root Berries

Food prep method to increase: steaming

For additional nutritional one-on-one support, contact Laura here.

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