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How your eating affects your loved ones

Caring about nutrition and eating can easily get dismissed as self-absorbed, not important, or something similar when there are people like your partner, family, children or social causes that may need you in some way.

Though overly focusing on perfecting the diet can point to a life that lacks some dimension, writing off any self-care as overly indulgent is in no way the solution.

Everything has it’s place.

Of course I may be a bit biased, but an investment in your well-being is one of the better things you can do for those around you.

If a health, eating, weight, or body image challenge is absorbing energy in a way that makes you less emotionally and mentally available than you’d love to be for your relationships, family, community, or work, then your healing these challenges positively impacts everyone around you.

Part of the fruit of the healing and empowerment journey with food is new liberated energy that allows you to enter life in ways that benefits everyone around you.

Ask yourself:

Do I have a health issue or symptom that is distracting me from those close to me? (like digestion issues, fatigue, skin or hormonal challenges)

Do I have a pre-occupation with my diet that leads me to investing loads of mental and emotional energy? (like weight-related concerns, painful eating habits, or fears or confusion around diet)

Do I self-neglect in terms of self-care because I judge this as selfish or not as important as other things or other people?

Is it time to remedy one of these?



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