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Movement Resources

I think more and more people are really getting that caring for their body “at home” will look and feel much different than having our past resources and routines (the gym, bodywork, group classes, etc…)

Movement and exercise is known to improve body image, alter body composition, strengthen the muscles and bones, improve confidence, contribute to positive feelings (thanks to endorphins), and help people feel more connected to their body.

If you’d like a refresher on options that could fit your needs right now, here are some examples: Adidas Training by RUNTASTIC app: If you’ve enjoyed group fitness classes with circuit training, this is a wonderful resource. You can select pre-made workouts that tell you exactly what to do and for how long. You also have the option to create your own work-outs based on your preferences by simply entering the amount of time you’d like to workout along with the preferences to work your whole body or specific areas like your arms or core. This is the only online yoga subscription I’ve used, though I know many, many similar sites exist. Similar to the Adidas app above, you can customize your practice by choosing intensity, duration, music, areas of the body to focus on, etc. You have the option to choose a series (like a arm-balancing or hip-opening series) and have access to an impressive amount of prominent teachers to learn from.

Walking and Hiking: You already know this. And likely have already been doing this to some degree. It’s a different world in the great outdoors. I’ve nearly cried during my evening walks taking in the scent of the damp spring earth, nearby bonfires, and the liberating sight of geese soaring overhead. We still live in an exceptionally beautiful world.

Dance: Not everyone is drawn to dance, though it’s one of the things that makes us human, our ability to express rhythm and emotion through the body. There are online studio like if you’re drawn to learning choreography.

Variety with a Google Search: With a quick Google search you’ll find a whole library of resources if you’d rather have options written out for you. For example, for at-home bodyweight workouts, I found a great example by

Local Workout rotation: Since many fitness facilities a ways away from providing large in-person group fitness classes, you might consider creating a local gym rotation routine for yourself to experience some variety and support your local small businesses and have a sense of community. For example, you might take a Zoom yoga class on Monday with your favorite yoga studio, take a live barre class on Wednesday, and take an live online strength class on Friday. I know it might take a bit of planning though some people have told me that they’re actually craving more structure as of late. This is a gentle reminder that our body is our home. Sometimes I know it can be a difficult place to live when you’re stressed out, but exercise (hopefully a practice in embodiment) can help us feel more vital and more willing to be in our bodies.

Warmly, Laura

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