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When "lazy" might be something else

Though the eating/nutrition spectrum is wide, one popular issue that presents in sessions goes something like this:

"I used to be able to (exercise / track food intake / prepare meals, etc) , no problem. Now it seems like I'm increasingly lazy or unmotivated. I can't do it the way I used to. I don't know what's wrong with me."

When "eating well" and getting in exercise feels much harder or burdensome than it used to, many see it as a moral failure or sign of increasing laziness.

I get how it would be easy to make this assumption...

But more often what I'm seeing is this:

Here's a person that might be outgrowing the old way of doing eating and health but doesn't yet have a new vision for how to do it well at this stage in thier life.

Without this context these people will often feel like there are only two options:

Go back to the old way...or fail.

< not great >

If you resonate, I really want to stress this often has little if anything to do with failure. (Most people have a "honeymoon phase" with their eating or self-care - even if it was just for a matter of days or weeks - that they use as a baseline and expectation later in life).

I find far more often, this is about heeding a call for a smarter, wiser approach to eating and body care. That means any idealistic pursuit for perfection has to go (trust me, a good thing) and ideals, instead, need to move down and take root in the body and world through our real life experience.

As strange as it sounds, this confusing "problem" excites me, because I see it as a new chapter in life ready to emerge :)

With love & respect,


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