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Embodied Exercise

I find the more deeply connected a woman is to her body, the more positively her body and soul respond to movement and exercise.

Her mood improves, she feels more alive, her cells and tissues are oxygenated, and her awareness is tuned in to the present moment and the miracle of her own living, breathing body.

I can feel the difference between when I’m dancing from a strictly mechanical place or when my whole heart and soul is out there on the floor. I bet you can guess which way is more satisfying.

With external pressure (a la New Years resolutions) to make big life changes this time of year, exercise & movement can carry a bit more internal pressure than usual.

It doesn’t need to be like this. The energy that we bring to our exercise and movement can renew us and simply be a practice that helps us feel good year-round.

Winter’s medicine is generally a blend of rest and movement. This might be a good time for you to get grounded and notice when rest would supportive and when some sweaty, embodied exercise that you enjoy would do you some good.

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