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My Body Image Story (video)

As you’ve heard in my story, I had the BEST of intentions in my quest to heal my own body image. I tried to do all the “right” things but ended up confused, frustrated, and unaware of any other possible way to feel comfortable and trusting of my own body.

This took up a tremendous amount of headspace. (I didn’t even realize how much at the time!)

I am happy to say, things are very different now. And I know they can be for you, too.

I am thrilled to be opening enrollment for Empower Your Eating: 6 Weeks to a Hot & Healthy Body Image in a couple weeks.

Why this is game-changing work

So much of what you think you know about the attainment of health, weight loss, and a better body image will be challenged. By completing this program, you will be several steps ahead of our modern health curve and learn the deeper psychology of body image (which goes far beyond just “loving your body”), eating, and what it really takes to feel good in your body.

I’d love for you to imagine:

  • Feeling better seeing your naked body

  • Treating yourself much better

  • Eliminating a “good” or “bad” eating day from your vocabulary (I’m serious)

  • Eating with more gusto, pleasure, and trust

  • A major shift in the body comparison game when you walk into a room

  • Taking a pro-active role in radical self-care in a way that feels great for you


  • Deconstructing the “control” and “willpower” fallacy and getting sustainable results

  • Enjoying the permission and pleasure of both green smoothies and exercise as well as chocolate and napping, minus the commanding voice of the inner critic

All the official program details and dates will be released the the 15th of March. So be on the lookout for that!

With love, Laura

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