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Disordered to Optimal Eating

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Over the years I’ve witnessed a wiiiiiide spectrum of health and eating habits. Just think about your own eating over the years and you might have your own glimpse of some variations.

Now imagine working with people for 11 years! I’ve noticed a lot. Below you’ll find the two sides of the spectrum of eating habits and the workable places in between. See where you land these days (and where you’re headed…yes even now).

Below you’ll find the most optimized side of the nutrition and eating spectrum as well as the most burdened: Study this list for a moment. How does it resonate?

Unburdened Eating

  • a curious and exploratory mind

  • a sense of freedom to explore any dietary theory (or not) without pressure or shame

  • eating habits that support enhanced performance of the body and mind

  • love and compassion toward oneself and one's own body

These qualities and experiences are often a result of a strong understanding of nutrition, regeneration, self-renewal, and liberation from personal and cultural constraints or burdens…and an open heart.

There is absolutely a physical, psychological, and spiritual synthesis at work here.

Burdened Eating

  • a rigid, reactive, or fear-based mind

  • pressure to perform with the diet to avoid painful emotions

  • eating habits that further dysregulate the health of the body and mind

  • ongoing self-judgment

There is also a physical, psychological, and spiritual synthesis at work here.

Study this list too. Many of these states are a result of major confusion and stress about diet, health, and weight (often fueled by industries that benefit monetarily), unresolved personal and collective burdens or traumas, and conditional self-acceptance. This issues can certainly affect “health-conscious” people. The Journey

After years of synthesizing many branches in this work, I’m not just optimistic, but confident, that a holistic and personal

approach can help people move toward the optimal side of health and human functioning, no matter where they find themselves on the spectrum.

The journey is the way.

Depending on where you’re at, you may find that there’s helpful work to be done at different points along the way on the spectrum. These include: basic nutritional knowledge, diet & plant therapy, intuitive eating practices, weight challenges/chronic dieting interventions, emotional healing, and the psychology of eating.

(Yes, I sit around and plot this all out too and will spare you an excessively long post right now )

For the time being, I encourage you to consider where you find yourself on the continuum right now.

And I want to highlight this important point: There is no incorrect starting point. I started way closer to the disordered side and my eating and well-being has transformed over the years.

If support feels right, simply reach out

Sending lots of love, Laura

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