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Read this if you’ve fallen off the bandwagon too many times

Remember, if you get caught in a painful cycle, it’s probably not the real issue. You will BELIEVE it’s the real issue.

I know you will.

That belief is what will keep you caught in the cycle, trying to “get back on track,” trying to find the best way of eating, or living, or behaving that will save you from your twisted self.

But this remedy will not last. It never does.

It’s not until you are willing to dialogue with this cycle, this part of you behind the cycle, this thing you see as the problem, that you might catch a glimpse of what the REAL work might be for you, what’s underneath and on the sides of this pattern you keep trying to rid yourself of.

You’ll call on your courage and curiosity, open yourself to new insight, and realize: “Wow – I have been neglecting something fundamental and true inside of me,” and see that the (eating/spending/drinking) habits were just trying to get your attention all along…

Maybe then you’ll give this part of you a little more breathing room and a little less judgment.

Not bad for a start…

With love,


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