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20 Signs it May Be Time To Boost Your Body Image & Empower Your Eating

#1 You have books, charts, recipes, articles galore…and find that all this information actually isn’t helping you get the body that you want or feel better in the body you have.

#2 Your choices about food are dictated by the numbers on the scale rather than signals like hunger and appetite.

#3 You have dwindled the highly complex process of metabolism down to mere “calories in/Calories out.”

#4 You buy processed “health bars” yet fear eating an apple or banana due to its sugar content

#5 Even though you try to eat healthfully, you spend too much time thinking about food and/or your body.

#6 Getting dressed takes you twice as long as you’d like it to.

#7 Your body is changing and it is freaking you out.

#8 You are suspicious of your appetite.

#9 You have food rules. And they change.

#10 You feel stuck in your body.

#11 Finishing your serving of food is your barometer of being “done.”

#12 You are pretty certain a better body would make you feel happier.

#13 You manage to pick out at least one thing you don’t like about your body when you see your reflection.

#14 You compare your body to other women’s bodies. A lot.

#15 You are convinced that a little more willpower will get you the body of your dreams.

#16 You refuse to acknowledge the body shapes in your lineage.

#17 You have been trying to lose the last 5, 10, or 20 lbs for the last 5, 10, or 20 years.

#18 You were at a lower weight before and STILL was not happy with your body.

#19 You feel like a better person when you follow certain dietary “guidelines.”

#20 You want to be happy with your body now, but believe if your body were different you’d be happier

…#21 You are ready to call a “cease-fire” on the food and body insanity!

It’s time to have a different conversation around food and body. No more talk of calories, deprivation, and control. No more commiserating over “problem” body parts or who gain or lost weight. It’s time to empower yourself, your body, and your eating with some good conversation and some good old fashioned Tough Love

Registration to Empower Your Eating: 6 Weeks to a Hot & Healthy Body Image opens March 25th, 2013. Classes begin April 15th. Want to be the first to know? Sign up for the Real Food Wellness newsletter below for the updates.

To healthy bodies, minds, and spirits!


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