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6 Quick Reminders (when everyone around you is dieting)

On the journey to a healthy relationship with food, a lot of inner conflict can come up around diet. I notice this comes up for women frequently around the New Year. Have you ever noticed any of these thoughts crossing your mind:

“I want to to focus on my health but I want to lose weight. “I want to be happy with my body as it is, but it’s hard because I want my body to be different.” “I just want to have a balanced, sustainable diet without all the rules, but there is this program that I’m interested in that could help ‘jump start’ things in 21 days.”

Part of us wants to focus on long-term self care. The other part of us desires something more immediate.

If you catch yourself going back and forth between these two parts, read on for 6 very important reminders for your own diet sanity.

1.) REMEMBER: You get to decide what you are currently into. You have 100% permission to try things on for size, even if it feels out of the ordinary for you.

2.) REMINDER: We do not make the best decisions from a place of fear or anxiety. If you are anxiously wanting to jump into something, sleep on it. The next day, notice if there is genuine desire, curiosity, or inspiration under the anxiety. If not, carry on.

3.) PONDER: What positive feelings will come from you pursuing this thing? Will trying this new diet or program give you excitement? Structure? Confidence? By identifying what is driving your underlying desire you can give yourself several outlets to fill this need.

4.) REMINDER: Your friends are on their own journey. You will meet in the middle in some places. You’ll do your own thing in other areas. Can you trust yourself enough to follow your gut? Can you take a few steps back and allow your friends the gift of experiencing their own life’s path?

5.) REMINDER: You get to choose what you do and do not do. You are an adult.

6.) REMEMBER: You are in charge of your food and exercise sanity. What will give you the most piece of mind at the end of the day? (It can, and most likely will, change over time – so feel in to what you are sensing RIGHT NOW)

There is not a “right” way of doing this. It is not “better” if you NEVER try a 3-week program nor is it “better” if you frequently do. This is more about getting in touch with some good ol’ gut wisdom, without all the story and influence going on around you.

When you clear away the clutter, what is it that you really want for yourself?

With lots of love,


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