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Are you a “foodie?” Find out here

Do you consider yourself a foodie?

It seems to me there’s a sub-set of souls who are tried and true “foodies” with a particular taste for the best the culinary world has to offer.

Not only do they delight in food and cuisine, but they distinctly make it a central point of life.

Even within the culture of foodies, you’ll find off-shoot foodie cultures.

The health foodies.

The raw foodies.

The local foodies.

The deep fried foodies.

And so on…

But need we all be foodies of some kind?

If you read my last article, sharing deeper reflections after many years in the nutrition and wellness scene, you’ll see that sometimes an interest in food is a hide out place.

In these cases, food takes a central role but has very little epicurean heart involved.

If you identify as a foodie, just be sure that there is delight involved from beginning to end and all the way around.

What I actually find is, for many of us that have a preoccupation with food, once we are consistently tending to our wounds and our heart and souls, eating often takes a different role in life.

That’s not to say that eating is neglected or neglectful.

It just takes on its rightful, natural role.

It supports us, it nourishes, it’s a worthwhile road toward feeling physically well, but it’s also serves a greater cause and higher function…

Eat well? Great.

But eat well for what?



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