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Exciting News

A couple weeks ago you read my light-hearted story about cupcakes, weight loss, and the crazy contradictions many a women find themselves in and upcoming news that I continue to deepen this work in supporting the healing process of clients.

I am delighted to share that I’m nearing the final stretch towards my professional certification training in the, now evidence-based, Internal Family Systems therapy model.

By April 2018 my full training will be complete.

Why should this matter to you?

Well aside from the fun relational aspect of sharing good news (I love this work!), this is the type of inner work that can liberate the origin driving complexes around food and body. (Also incredibly supportive for disordered eating, complex and acute trauma, attachment wounds, and other problem patterns large and small)

Let me give you a simple Real Food Wellness-related example to open this up more:


From 9am-5pm, you’re nutritionally on-point. You scramble the eggs for breakfast. You bring the healthful, prepared meals to lunch. You may even have a healthy snack on hand.

Then you get home. Your roommates or your kids have junk food around the house. You have some. Then you have some ice cream. In the midst of those bites you feel some pleasure and relief.

But shortly after, you feel like a nutritional failure. Something in you starts telling you eating junk food or ice cream are not what self-loving people do. They eat food that have nutrients and nourish their body.

An awful feeling start to creep in…

Before you know it, you’ve hopped on-line and are researching nutritional plans in an effort to find something to get motivated about.


At a glance, it can seem like these things are happening for the same person, by the same person, but if you look closely enough you can see a little inner family of selves there at work.

Part #1: Is Keeping things orderly and predictable during the day with eating Part #2: Wants the junk food Part #3: Really gets after you after you “go off plan” with your diet Part #4: Feels a painful sense of worthlessness Part #5: Sweeps in to save the day by coming up with a new strategy

Do you see the different parts at work here?

Without consciousness, these parts can run the show, living and breathing REACTIVELY through you.

But where are YOU in all this?

That’s what this work is about.

I’ll be sharing more as time goes on, but for now know there are direct and effective ways of re-harmonizing your inner system. Without the inner systems work, very little will “take shape” in the outer world.

Interested in this approach to well-being? I’m already integrating this approach into my work for those that are a good fit.

Have a question? Just ask.

As always, with love,


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