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Fire up Your Metabolism. Here’s how.

Last week I spent my weekend at an Eating Psychology Symposium in Boulder, CO with some of my favorite people. The weekend brought depth, laughter, sass (a lot of F-Bombs), and a huge gust of wind into my life and my work in this field. So awesome.

Each presenter, although very different, boldly, sweetly, and unapologetically showed up as himself or herself. Many expressed personal stories combined with professional experience. Some hung out in scientific research and others comfortably accessed right-brained wisdom and connection to Source. I witnessed the strength of collaboration and the power in standing alone in one’s own vulnerability. And I certainly felt the impact of community, how we have the power to raise one another up, and “regulate each others’ metabolism.”

But what struck me the most was how each person was powerful in their own right, not by mimicking one another, but fully stepping into the fullest expression of who they are. Being ourselves makes an impact. There’s no doubt about it. It’s inspiring.

It gives us permission.

What the heck does this have to do with metabolism? Stay with me and read on.

On Nutrition and Metabolism…

Part of health is learning about nutrients, eating your greens, drinking the smoothies, balancing your meals, and supporting local food producers. I love teaching and supporting clients around this. This can change a lot. Our bodies can heal and release.

And yet.…

Despite our knowledge about nutrition, we still struggle around the areas of weight, health, digestion, and body image. This isn’t just a nutrition thing. We know a lot and still struggle. As Marc David so brilliantly shared, hidden within your challenges with food lies:

How you feel about the world How the world expresses its pain through you How you communicate with the truth of who you are How you feel about your sexuality How you cope with your past How you hide the truth of who you are How you are programmed to attack yourself How you deal with the pain of the world How you manage confusion How you manage discomfort of any kind

We wade on the surface and treat our challenges with food and our health as if they are flaws to rid ourselves of. The truth of the matter is engaging with them allows us access to insight, healing, and our personal power.

Not being oneself is inherently stressful.

The health implications of chronic stress on metabolism are significant. Suppressing your truth, internalizing intense emotion/expression, and trying to be someone else can all trigger a low-level stress response in the body.

ANY form of chronic stress can result in compromised digestive strength and calorie burning. Authenticity (or lack there of) affects metabolism.

The more you can show up for yourself fully, allow the flow of your feelings to wash over you without a story attached, the more you step into the fullest expression of who you are. And relax.

Relaxation= the key to a happy body, a humming metabolism, and healthy digestion.

Do you see how being yourself (and integrating the parts you may not love) directly impacts your body’s ability to heal itself on it’s own and drop unneeded weight.

Discovering and being your truest self is not easy. But as movement-based educator, Melissa Michaels, says: “If we don’t do our unique dance in this world, it will never be done.”

So my question to you: Are you holding yourself back? What needs to express itself through you? Are your challenges with food, body, weight, health there for you rather than against you? Do you need support in this area?

I’m so up for the journey if you are. Let’s talk. Connect with me here to schedule an initial session. Why wait?

With love and respect,


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