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Food for Thought for “Emotional Eaters”

Here’s some quick food for thought if you dub yourself as an “emotional eater”:

Consider that overeating or binge eating can sometimes act as a placeholder for self-care boundaries.

You might turn to food when:

  • You want to say no, but you say yes anyways

  • You want to rest, but keep pushing through

  • You have a need in a relationship, but feel unable/unwilling to express it or meet it

  • You are overwhelmed and need some space to yourself, but do not acknowledge this

  • You need to confront someone with the truth of your experience, but don’t

Some of us meet our needs for better self-care boundaries sideways, through painful eating habits.

Know the solution is not simply avoiding food, or distracting yourself with a “better” alternative like going for a walk or reading a book. These may help short-term.

Your GREATEST ally is getting into the long-term habit of SAYING THE TRUTH.

  • How do you see things?

  • What’s it like for you?

  • Where do you need to say ‘no’?

  • What do you need right now?

  • What is and is not okay with you?

I am always touched by the deep sharing I hear around this part of the healing process.

If any of the above resonates with you, consider that your eating challenge is not here to be a bother. It’s here calling you into evolution, asking you to learn what it really means to love, respect, and care for yourself with integrity.

xo Laura

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