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Here are The Course Details!

Empower Your Eating: 6 Weeks to a Hot & Healthy Body Image, is a 6-Week online home-study program that I will personally be guiding (for the 5th and final year), designed for women who are ready to learn the counter-intuitive skills for a healthy body image and healthy body weight (in a cost-efficient, time-efficient format)

Class officially begins Monday, April 11th.

Here is the course schedule:

Week #1: What’s Your Body Image Style? Released Monday, April 11th

  • Learn the common weight, body image, food, and exercise personality types and identify your own

  • The traits of the 7 poor body image personalities and their healthier counterparts

  • 1 Common Mindset and ‘Motivator’ that is guaranteed to fail and how to catch yourself in the act

  • Soften into the truth of your own body image with insight and clarity

Week #2: Be a Body Image Rebel – The Hows & Whys of Collective Dysfunction Released Monday, April 18th

  • The #1 way to transform the way you measure success (this will changes so much)

  • The honest-to-goodness truth and crux of why body image feels so darn important for women

  • A deeper dive into body image psychology that will help you shift all of your self-defeating habits (both food and non-food related)

Week #3: How to Work Less and Get More Results Released Monday, April 25th

  • Why great nutritional programs go wrong

  • The one uncommon nutritional truth that will free you from food rules (this one still saves me, again and again)

  • How to re-stoke your digestive fire & metabolism without changing a thing you eat

  • Key evolutionary eating distinctions you can use to your advantage to detox the smart way and develop a sustainable way of eating

(INTEGRATION WEEK – NO MODULE RELEASED MAY 2nd – Catch up with any material if need be and integrate – Optional Group Coaching call with Laura (details coming)

Week #4: The Pleasure Principle Released Monday, May 9th

  • Learn the the most common, yet unexamined, eating/pleasure strategies and why they never work

  • The science behind how loving food can actually help banish bloating & support your body reaching it’s natural, healthy weight

  • An exploration of the 3 most stressful overeating challenges and what to do about them

Week #5: Get Back into Your Body Released Monday, May 16th

  • Healthy and Unhealthy Willpower & Discipline (real examples of what each of these look like)

  • A deeper dive in exploring Exercise

  • How to employ the two exercise archetypes correctly (So “lazy” and “unmotivated” are no longer in your vocabulary)

  • Embodiment practices that literally shifts your physiology

Week #6: Claiming your Throne Released Monday, May 23rd

  • Your personal 12 key life areas inventory

  • Archetypal Psychology and how to liberate the powerful woman within

  • Case Studies

  • Your Food Integrity “Cheat Sheet” to use every single day (this alone can be your guiding light)

  • Closing Thoughts

How it works:

Every Monday morning, you will receive an email letting you know you have access to a new module online. Each module consists of a blend of guided powerpoint, audio, video, and PDFs to keep the content engaging and fresh. Some modules also include integration questions to help you absorb and own that week’s material.

Think of it like enrolling in a course at You University. Plan to set aside about 1 hour a week give or take (a very reasonable amount for most people, plus no drive time) The online program is very polished and very easy to navigate – If I can get a hang of it, anyone can…