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Lessons from Virginia & Thanksgiving Recipes

Early this week I took a short trip to Virginia to visit a dear friend and colleague of mine. I am grateful to have soul friends near and far.

Although a short trip, we had our share of laughter, deep sharing, great food, and yoga. Violet the cat and I managed to get some bonding time, too.

We ventured to Union Market and picked up local spices to make homemade chai tea. The process was not complicated but required some planning and time. The time made it all the more nourishing when we sat down to enjoy it. It got me thinking…

I don’t ever want to be so busy that I don’t have enough time to make some homemade chai or step outside for some fresh air every now and then.

What don’t you ever want to be too busy for?

With the holiday season fast approaching, setting an intention for how you’d like to see things go over the next six weeks, can be a simple but important step toward feeling pretty damn good (rather than totally depleted) come the New Year.

Consider using this holiday season as an opportunity to stay committed to that which nourishes and sustains you. There is no “correct” way. That may mean being “out” more, “in” more, creating more, socializing more, cooking more, resting more, or anything else…

What would it take for you to feel really good through the New Year?

Also, to piggyback off this idea of creating a little more spaciousness for food preparation, here are some delicious recipes to consider adding into the holiday rotation. I hope you enjoy!

Much love to you!


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