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One question that builds self-care confidence

I’m just back from a beautiful and impactful long weekend in Albuquerque, NM studying indigenous healing practices of the Americas.

Here I am during one of my breaks, at Masks y Mas, one of those “must visit” places in the Knob Hill district. True to the name, they have all sorts of Mexican masks, but much, much more I left with some sweet smelling copal resin to burn instead of sage when the mood strikes and a one-of-a-kind birthday gift. I’ve been working (gently) from home today, but boy, am I left with experiences to integrate. That being said, my offering today involves a short, direct inquiry, as a self-attunement practice just for you. Attuning to yourself is basically like being a a wonderful mama who mirrors and sees you fully. It’s some of the best feminine medicine around. So I’ll ask you to sit for a moment with this question: Given what you’ve learned about yourself so far (your body, your energy, your wiring in general) what do you know with a good degree of certainty is non-negotiable for you to feel well/like yourself? Pause and think about it. What helps you feel like you? For example, adequate sleep is very high on my personal list. Often the most basic things can help us feel the most resourced. And your bonus question: Are you currently implementing and protecting these non-negotiables? I hope this sparks some thoughtful reflection, even if for a minute or two. I’m looking forward to connecting with some more goodies and new nutritional therapies to explore in August. With love and respect, Laura

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