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10 practices for a calm nervous system

It’s that time again…

With the increase of dry and cold this season, it’s a good time to take extra special care of your nervous system.

The nervous system is continually collecting sensory input from the body and external environment and processing, interpreting, and responding to it.

All sorts of things can activate or aggravate the nervous system, from colder, windy weather, to too much of the wrong kind of stimulus, to unresolved emotional wounds that keep the nervous system in a hyper-aroused state.

(A hyper-aroused nervous system is NOT the state we want to stay in)

I’ve found women respond beautifully to the right blend of body-based practices, nutritional care, and open-hearted counseling and coaching sessions…regulating the nervous system in their own special way.

Today I’m sharing some basic self-care practices for the body that you can start as early as today as a gateway into this type of self-care.

Focusing on offering a grounding and soothing experience for the body and emotions can be a great help.

  • Enjoy plenty of hot herbal teas and soups

  • Eat nourishing dietary fat and omega 3 fatty acids

  • Increase warm, cooked foods

  • Include roots of all kinds and squash and squash in your diet

  • Practice deep breathing through the nose to the lower lobes of the lungs

  • Prioritize sleep. Nap when you need to.

  • Take walks outside and rest your eyes and senses in Nature

  • Be responsibly involved in the news and social media (i.e. boundaries)

  • If you practice yoga, practice savasana with extra weight on the body (blankets, pillows, etc)

  • Soak in the healing quality of 20 second (or longer) hugs from loved ones you feels safe and supported by

Remember, regarding any good healing work we do around eating, the body, or anything else: this contributes to humanity by a more conscious involvement in the world.

May you find calm these final weeks of 2018. I’ll be back in a couple weeks with some year reflections.

Until then, take wonderful care



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