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2020 year-end review (and photos)

Around the 15th of December every year, rather than send a typical newsletter, I share some reflections for the year gone by and glimpses into what kind of year it’s been for Real Food Wellness as well as me personally.

And here we are again.

Here are some highlights from the year:

Much read posts:

If you missed one of these or would like to re-read, this year the top blog posts were:

Nutritional “Red Flags” For your Immune System (a timely re-share from 2018) What I’m Eating & Why

Essay: On Healing the Split

I also had the great pleasure of being interviewed by my dear friend and all-around wonderful person, Bryan Nixon, clinical director of Mindful Counseling GR, where we discussed how I got into this work as well as some encouraging themes around IFS therapy, depth psychology, and eating psychology. Interview here.

We still gathered:

This year we needed to cancel our Eating Psychology retreat scheduled for early Spring due to COVID. Know that this will be re-scheduled soon enough, when gathering in person in groups can safely happen again.

However some of you did join me remotely for a number of classes this year:

  • Annual Ayurvedic Nutrition & Self-Care Workshop (this class was in February of 2020 and was in-person. TBA class format and dates for 2021)

  • Taking Care in Unprecedented Times

  • Food REPAIR: A 3-week diet renewal program