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3 Food Rules that will actually free you

Think “food rules” always means forcing and gripping?

Think “permission” always means throwing in the towel and eating large or frequent amounts of naughty foods?

If you answered, ‘yes,” know I used to have these thoughts, too.

It’s no way to spend your life approaching food…

Clinging tightly to food rules or rebelling against them can feel like either control in the first case, or empowerment in the second, but in both cases you aren’t really free.


Because clinging to food rules is often rooted in fear and anxiety (as in, “I am eating this way because I am freaked about what will happen to my body/weight/health if I don’t.”)

And letting go and rebelling is often rooted in self-neglect or feelings of defeat (as in, “I don’t even care. I’m tired of always having to do the right things. I can’t seem to control myself anyways.”)

True freedom lies somewhere in the middle of structure and pleasure.

(It’s exact placement on the eating continuum is different for everyone).

Here’s the good news: Structure doesn’t have to feel restrictive. In fact, structure is a loving act that can support you feeling MORE free.

With loving structure, your body will get the hint that you are here to participate as an ally instead of a harsh dictator.

Want the scoop?

Check out 3 ways you can incorporate loving structure to guide you towards more food freedom!

#1.) Set up a supportive eating schedule – That means eat breakfast at roughly the same time each morning (sure, weekends are different) The body loves, loves, loves, this. This is especially important for those with erratic eating habits. The appetite needs a healthy container. Just like a child needs healthy boundaries and structure with eating and sleeping so does your adult body.

#2.) Narrow options down to 1-3 meals ideas for each meal for a while. For example, narrow things down to 2-3 breakfast ideas that you actually enjoy. That way you can make a decision based on how you feel but not feel overwhelmed by the endless number of options available. For me this could look something like: - Hard-boiled eggs with greens, avocado, and nutritional yeast - Fruit with my favorite nut butter and flaxseed - Protein smoothie with greens, berries, and cacao

What are a few options you’d enjoy?

#3.) Notice body preferences and honor them – Love cashews but get a belly ache eating them? Love everything you hear about wheatgrass but feel a little off drinking the stuff? Supportive structure can materialize through presence, a direct line of energy that notices how the body actually feels. As much you might desire to neatly fit yourself into a specific dietary box, be open to your body’s natural preferences.

These are just a few examples of how to harness healthy ‘Masculine energy’ in relationship to food via boundaries, presence, protection, and direction. We use structure and noticing in service of the feminine nature of the body…in this case hunger, appetite, and desire.

This practice extends far deeper than eating alone. Invoking the healthy masculine in our lives includes strengthening our witnessing consciousness, having healthy community and institutions in our lives, honoring our intellect and ability to use wise discernment, and yes, our relationship with men.

In month three (November) of The Healthy Woman Workshop Series we will be devoting our class to this exploration of healthy masculine energy. It’s a good one

Hope you have a beautiful kick-off to September (one of my favorite months!)

Big hug,



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