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A Personal Share & Your Challenge for 2017

As I’ve been reflecting on 2016, it seems it has been a steady year at Real Food Wellness. Here are some honorable mentions from the year:

  • I’ve been living and working creatively between West MI and South West MI, with over half of my clients in the Grand Rapids area and the rest working with me remotely from other parts of the U.S. or in Niles, MI.

  • Speaking as a guest panelist at the University of Indiana South Bend to share my reflections regarding the connection between spirituality and disordered eating after the performance of “My Family is Just Like Yours” – a one woman show written and performed by the remarkably talented MaryBeth Saunders – something I was honored to participate in.

  • Guest teaching a handful of modules for two yoga teacher training programs in West Michigan sharing much of my knowledge on Ayurveda, Nutritional Psychology, & Jungian psychology and shadow work.

  • Facilitating and mentoring participants through my online program Empower Your Eating in it’s 5th and final year in this format. This is one of my babies. I’ve invested a great deal of time and energy here, and I’ve gotten such wonderful feedback in how helpful the content has been, so this is not the last you’ll hear of these valuable lessons!

  • Engaging in the creative process of designing digestible video lessons on YouTube. You’ll find a few of them here so far.

  • Enjoying writing and getting feedback on this year’s most popular posts: Here, Here, and Here.

  • Studying the traditional healing practices of the southwest, Mexico, and Latin America for two weeks in New Mexico this summer. I had the opportunity to be in the presence of incredible healers and deepen my knowledge about care for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. I learned invaluable lessons in revitalizing all systems of the body and I took a particular interest in digestive health. I participated in sacred sweat lodges (temezcals). Think prayer, cathartic release, community, and physical healing wrapped in one. For me this was a real highlight of the year.

And like usual, I continue my studies in various branches of psychology and nutrition, feminine spiritual practice, and continue my personal mentorships as well – all of which inform my client work to a massive degree. This year I am proud to say, between professional studies and personal growth, I am hands down the most resourceful I’ve ever been. It feels good to settle into that acknowledgement. __________________ On another note, and worth mentioning, what I noticed as I was skimming through my FB account, my google calendar, my journals, and really FEELING into the year itself, was a shift in my center of orientation. In the past, I may have scanned for measurable accomplishment to a large degree, something in me needing this information to provide evidence for a worthwhile year. In the past 12 months, I’ve opened to other wonderful, less outwardly measurable things… I’ve opened myself to new love in my life. This in itself has and continues to soften, open, heal, and strengthen my heart. My expanded capacity to love is probably my most noteworthy “accomplishment. ” Truly. It is felt, experienced, expressed, respected, tended to, and cherished deeply. My life has been so enriched opening myself in this way. Other fond details from the year included visits to Lake Michigan and nearby bodies of water for swimming, canoeing, and dreaming with some of my favorite people, spending time outdoors. Spending time with friends. Plenty of naps. Enriching and lively conversations over lunch. My fondness and connection with my friends’ children. I love these innocent and wild little people. I had a very funny and light-hearted visit with family over Thanksgiving which I am also thankful for and impacted by. I also continue to spend time nurturing my interests in the spiritual dimensions of health and healing, non-ordinary states of consciousness, and the words and work of visionaries of all kinds. __________________ These final couple weeks of the year I will spend more time sitting with my desires for the coming 12 months. What I know right now is I open to bridging two different energies within me, bringing heart, feeling, and softness to into my way of working and living (which has been a large theme of 2016) AND bringing more focus and commitment and protection to who and what matters to me most (an energy I fell called to integrate in a fresh way in the coming months). My invitation to you is to play with these two energies in your own life. It’s possible you may want to start with your eating. That where I started, because that’s where I met the majority of my struggles early on. This might look like good doses of home-cooking, pleasure and treats, of slowing down, of focusing on feeling well, of listening to your own hunger and body cues AND good doses of commitment, follow-through, presence, and doing what you need to do. I’ve learned these, practice these, and live them, so I know that’s it’s entirely possible. I hold that long vision for you. I will share more words on nutrition and eating in our next newsletter on January 1st, so that’s coming your way. As always, thank you for sticking with me, reading me, believing in me, and allowing me to serve in the best ways I can. Wishing you the very best! With love and appreciation, Laura Want to attend a virtually FREE class with Laura? Sign up here for an hour tele-class on Wednesday, Dec 28th: A Nutrition Class for SANE Eating, HERE. (I’ve been asked if this will be recorded for those cannot make it and yes, the class will be available for a full week after the call!)

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