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My Personal Winter Meal Plan

I often do not discuss my personal eating habits, as I want to encourage both readers and clients to have a clean mental slate when it comes to their personal diet.

I do not expect people to eat the same way I do and visa versa.

For example, just because several of my clients are practicing nutritional cleansing does not mean that it’s right for me at the same time. And just because my body does not respond well to bell peppers do I expect my clients to have a difficult time digesting them.

Over the past decade I have experimented with my diet just as much as the next person. The difference now is there is no attachment to finding the ultimate way.

Just think about your eating habits on a Saturday versus a Monday, on vacation versus during the middle of a workweek. Our diet simply needs to support our way of living. And our way of living changes.

But today, since I am often asked the question, I’m giving you a sneak peek of my own winter menu lately, along with prompts for your own self-inquiry.


Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled in coconut oil, with a large side of sautéed kale with nutritional yeast, and ½ an avocado

What I’ve learned this season: My brain functions pretty well with a high fat, protein rich breakfast. If I didn’t sleep well the night before this also helps me ground and focus.

Lunch: Lately roasted Brussels sprouts, roasted tahini cauliflower, baba ganouj w/veggies, or broccoli with avocado, and maybe some sort of protein like eggs or chicken. I’ve been upping my dark chocolate to the 90% mark – rich and bitter is the best in my book!

What I’ve learned this season: I love roasting vegetables this time of year. If I chop my veggies up small enough I can roast in no time and the blend of rich fats and vegetables fills me up. Cruciferous veggies are study little guys. I like to eat a lot of them mid-day when my digestion is on full-force.

Dinner: Homemade tacos with my husband, omelettes (yes, eggs have become an easy protein staple as of late) Large salads with roasted root vegetables, coconut oil w/cinnamon, cacao, ginger “dessert”

What I’ve learned this season: Food does NOT need to be complicated to be satisfying. Nor does it bother me to repeat meals if I really like them.

Right now this way of eating feels pretty good. I eat a good deal of dietary fat in the winter (brain food), protein, and lots of nutrition from vegetables.

And of course it still changes! Yesterday I had avocado pudding for breakfast and a vegan assortment of goodies at local favorite, Marie Catribs, when I met a friend for lunch.

You get to eat on your terms, too!

So here is what I want to ask you to encourage you to stay curious:

  • Have you experimented with different types/amounts of protein in your diet? What do you notice?

  • Do you feel better with plant protein, animal protein, or a blend of both?

  • Are there any foods that you KNOW simply do not agree with you?

  • Do you notice your eating preferences are different in the winter than, say, the spring?

  • Do you crave variety or simplicity when it comes to diet? Has this changed over time?

Of course I love to hear from you! Let me know what you’re learning about your diet and where you still feel stuck in the comments below.

With love and respect,


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