Keys for a strong winter body

Updated: Jun 19

Ayurveda is one of the beautiful ancient and healing philosophies from the East that honors the poetic nature of the body and diet.

As modern dietary trends come and go, the tenants of Ayurveda remain as steady as the seasons themselves with principles deeply intertwined with the natural elements.

I don’t need to remind you that although we have the same basic blueprint, our bodies each have their own particularities. You might hate the winter, rejoice in summer, and frequently get colds in Spring. You might get angry when you’re stressed, thrive when you’re busy, and err on the side of acid reflux and inflammation when you’re out of balance.

Ayurveda sheds light on our “weak areas” and how imbalance shows up in our bodies and minds through symptoms.

It also offers us a path back to more balance and harmony.

So here we are, in the heart of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. And although we’re all wired a little differently, body care in the winter has it’s own considerations to keep in mind.

The wisdom of the opposites

In Ayurveda it’s said the nature doesn’t stack against itself. More than that, Nature provides the antidote to the season. For example, rhizomes and leafy greens (known to be particularly light and do an excellent job of decongesting the liver and scrubbing the villi of the small intestine) grow in the Spring which tends to provide balance in a heavy, muddy, congested, “mucus-y” season.

Now we look to the qualities of winter, traditionally cold, dry, and windy. Then we find the opposite qualities: warm, lubricating, and grounded.