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Rx for Stubborn Weight

Human beings are interesting creatures. We are the only breathing beings on this planet that are so fixated on the manipulation of body weight. Rather than taking the approach of transcending this fascination, I say we dive right in. There are a number of variables when it comes to aligning with the body’s healthiest natural weight. The basic challenges to remedy, of course:

  • Eating erratically

  • Chronic dieting

  • Congested Pathways of Elimination

  • Counter-productive exercise

These are areas that I work to dissect and heal with clients. I consider re-establishing a healthy, supportive eating and movement style as the foundation for good personal work. When the body is imbalanced it is stressed. For many, it feels more difficult to do deeper work when the body is not well cared for. The Body Tells a Story The body expresses our life history. She acts as a mirror and can reflect deeper teachings if we are willing to look instead of glance. When it comes to weight, there is still a lot that we are not connecting. Yes, there are certainly metabolic factors to work with, but what may be just as important are the personal distinctions that we often don’t consider part of our body story. I love to bring these other places to life. A couple places to tend to: The Food/Sex Connection It is a woman’s birth right to feel a sense of safe and embodied sexuality. A healthy sense of sexuality is not a performance, not out of “duty,” but comes from a deeply integrated, embodied place. Many times our relationship to our sexual nature, calls us to explore and witness the connections between food and sex. For women, food and sex are strongly wound together. Both call us into the work of Pleasure which, when worked with wisely, can be a great source of personal power for women both in the bedroom and the kitchen. Depending on the social cues you picked up on, weight may also serve as a barrier or buffer from sexual advances or as an armor for one’s own sexuality. There is much to explore here. Living life half-way I once heard excess weight described as “potential energy.” Body fat is literally stored energy in the body. When living a life not fully expressed, on the sidelines, or not fully honestly or authentically, the body can act as a storage site. The great news is you can tap into this reservoir and release it! You can start this inquiry right now with some journaling Q’s: Do I have family secrets? What would I be pursuing if I wasn’t afraid? What part of me needs to be more fully expressed? What are my gifts? What are my messy, less put-together sides? What am I afraid to say? The body and psyche are intimately connected. We can do great work in each. It is the integration of work in BOTH that bears great fruit! Have a beautiful remainder to May! Please make space to ground yourself in the expanse of Nature. I’ve got a mini-getaway planned for a couple nights in the great outdoors to un-plug with Brandon. xoxo Laura Like this post? You might like: Your 4-Step Plan to Regulate Overeating

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