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Some light on Binge Eating...

If you've ever experienced a food binge you know what a powerful experience this can be, one that can feel nearly impossible to resist once the urge locks its grip on you.

Binge eating can be biologically driven, psychologically driven, or both.

(It is extremely helpful to sort this out)

Whatever the case, the strategy to "just stop binge eating" does not tend to work well. If you binge eat, I know you know what I mean - trying to will or muscle yourself into not doing it often falls flat.

So let's face it: Binge eating IS powerful. It's nuanced and brilliant and protective and full of powerful energy.

It's time to give this truly loathed and misunderstood habit the space and dignity it deserves. I can write from personal and professional experience here when I say there are deep truths and generous sources of creativity and power hidden in the urge to binge. Over the years I've really noticed, the more a person says or honors the truth, the harder it is to binge. This has just as much to do with learning supportive nutritional strategies and healing your eating as it does with becoming a true individual.

It's pretty amazing actually. For some, truly life-changing work where binge eating becomes the Guru, the Great Teacher, the opportunity for a Leap in Consciousness, a Transpersonal Invitation calling someone home to themselves.

As Rumi said, "The cure for the pain is in the pain." With binge eating, it's something like that.


(c) Real Food Wellness 2021

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