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Still holding onto dieting? Here’s 8 reasons why…

Intellectually you probably feel like you understand that dieting and the sort of stress and pressure involved doesn’t really work.

You know…the planning, the rules, even the narrowly contained “cheat days” or “cheat meals.” The inner pang when one of your girlfriends starts sharing with heroic verve about how amazing she feels now that she’s started this new thing with her diet.

Despite being the smart cookie you are, something in you might feel like you can’t seem to let go of the desire to get back on the nutritional bandwagon everyone seems to be talking about…

Still wonder why you still might be holding on to dieting? Here’s the inside scoop from RFW headquarters (i.e. loads of client conversations) and 8 more reasons to get you thinking…

How many do you relate to?

8 Reasons Why You May Still be Holding onto Dieting

1.) It gives you an “out.” With the possibility of dieting (starting tomorrow, or next month, or whenever) you might feel a sense of relief thinking that you can always really discipline yourself and drop some weight.

2.) You’ve recently been dealing with a change in weight or stuck in a cycle of eating habits you feel lousy about and feel trapped

3.) You might hate to admit it, but your body looking a certain way and working on it is one of the primary way you feel emotionally and psychologically safe and secure

4.) Your co-worker did this thing…and it was a specific diet plan…and “it worked.” Curiosity piqued…

5.) You’ve manipulated your diet some way in the past and “it worked”…for a while. It’s the only thing you’ve had a direct experience with that helped you feel moderately better about your body or eating habits.

6.) Your instagram and pinterest accounts are blowing up with all sorts of nutritional heroism. If they can do, why can’t you?

7.) Your circle of people are into it.

8.) You have no other model of how to take care of yourself, your body, and your health.

This last one is critical.

There isn’t a ton of modeling around how to be a sane eater from the inside out. No one really took us to school as girls and young women and taught us how to listen to ourselves and our bodies. In adulthood no one really told us that there are simple and elegant ways of doing this eating thing.

What excites me in this work, is the sort of freedom that comes from solid inner work around this, usually pretty counter-intuitive at first, but sustainable, confidence-building, and grounded.

Wishing you well, dear woman.

With love,


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